Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Nurgle Daemon Prince Sculpt

Another piece for TOEG09, a fast green stuff sculpt based on the Forge World Nurgle Daemon Prince. I may add his herald at some point.

Reaver, Mars Patern Scratchbuild

This was a scratchbuild for my Tale of Epic Gamers 09 log over at tac-com. Its a nurgle infested Mars Pattern (eg, Forge World style) built approximately to true scale size (its about s big as the old beetle back warlord). It also features removable head and body armour to reveal interior detail.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dreadnaughts - from sprue!

These fun little chaps are built from plasticard off cuts over a core of sprue. The possibilities are endless – provided the possibilities are armored bipedal robots that fit on a 1p coin.

Thunderbolt Fighter Scratchbuild

AI scale scratcbhild of a forge world imperial thunderbolt fighter. Made from layers of 1mm styrene with engines made from sprue.

Apostate Preacher

One of two epic scale models of forge world nurlge apostate preachers i made as my first 6mm infantry sculps

Great Unclean One Sculpt

A GUO sculpt, again one of the first things i made in green stuff as its an easy shape and plenty of room to play about on.


One of my first 6mm scratchbuilds/sculpts. He's rather blobby and low in detail, but still fun.

Scratchbuilt Great Gargant

A simple plasticard gargant scratchbuild, constructed just after i started epic. Its made from 1mm styrene sheet and plastic rod. The results is slightly too large as i didnt have any 'real' titan models to compare it to.