Sunday, 24 January 2010

Epicomp 09 - Yella Sub wins open.

Epic-comp 09 ended this week, and my scratch built ork submarine took first place in the open category. The nurgle reaver was also entered in the titan category but failed to make the second heat. My heavily converted World Eaters warband also took first in the battle force category. The full image glaery for the competition can be seen here.

In a handbag?

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Nurgle Daemon Prince Sculpt

Another piece for TOEG09, a fast green stuff sculpt based on the Forge World Nurgle Daemon Prince. I may add his herald at some point.

Reaver, Mars Patern Scratchbuild

This was a scratchbuild for my Tale of Epic Gamers 09 log over at tac-com. Its a nurgle infested Mars Pattern (eg, Forge World style) built approximately to true scale size (its about s big as the old beetle back warlord). It also features removable head and body armour to reveal interior detail.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dreadnaughts - from sprue!

These fun little chaps are built from plasticard off cuts over a core of sprue. The possibilities are endless – provided the possibilities are armored bipedal robots that fit on a 1p coin.

Thunderbolt Fighter Scratchbuild

AI scale scratcbhild of a forge world imperial thunderbolt fighter. Made from layers of 1mm styrene with engines made from sprue.

Apostate Preacher

One of two epic scale models of forge world nurlge apostate preachers i made as my first 6mm infantry sculps

Great Unclean One Sculpt

A GUO sculpt, again one of the first things i made in green stuff as its an easy shape and plenty of room to play about on.